Want a nice butt?


It’s really simple to get a nice and firm buttocks. You wont get it from any diet, but you will get it from running stairs. Find the most awesome stairs near by your home and run like crazy. It will build your buttocks better than any machine. Simple, right?

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DIY roman squat.

A cheap and effective way to work your legs is to use the roman squat. All you need is a piece of wood and a rope.

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Being fit

Ever seen a fit and muscular person that doesn’t workout? Do you understand the connection, or do you think that one day that person woke up muscular? It’s pretty obvious. Being fit is a life style, not something you buy in the store.

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Things take time.

So you want to gain muscles or lose some weight. Ever tried a diet that promises fast results and then discover that it’s even faster to gain the weight you lost, plus a little extra? I bet the diet was expensive to. Or maybe you tried the super machine that transforms your body to a package of muscles, just by using it five minutes a day in front of the TV.

A simple rule when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscles is that it takes time – a lot of time. It requires you to work hard week after week. Not some workout here and a diet there. You may reach your goal fast, but to stay there is harder. Keeping your weight or gaining your muscles is a process, not an event. The process is never-ending. As soon as you end your process your muscles will go away or you will start gaining weight.

Hopefully you will discover the joy of working out and your process will go on like a charm.

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Make it cheap. Bulgarian bag.

You have probably heard about the Bulgarian bag. It’s a versatile workout equipment that can exercise your whole body. The best part is that you can make one yourself for about 20 euro.

What you need:

  • A car inner tube.
  • Sand or similar filler.
  • Zip ties
  • Duct tape

Just cut the tube and fill it with sand. How much filler is up to you. Leave some of the tube free from filler so that you can make handles. Now take your zip ties and close the bag at each side. Finally use your duct tape.
Congratulations! You now have a cheap Bulgarian bag able to do your whole body. You can perform all the exercises shown in the Basic 15 minutes workout with the Bulgarian bag.

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The right equipment.

I hear many people say that they cant do this or that because the lack of a certain equipment. This also applies to their workout. “I need this machine and that machine, and so on.” This is only one, of many other, excuses not to exercise.

The problem for this people is not the equipment, it’s the lack of motivation and, in some cases, knowledge.
In the basic 15 minutes program, for example, you will do fine with a rubber band. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s what you do with the equipment that counts, not the equipment itself. The equipment is usually a peace of metal. It can’t do anything without you.

So do you need fancy equipment to be able to do an excellent workout? Of course not. A cheap 40lbs dumbbell has the same weight as a expensive 40lbs dumbbell.

And finally, how about this cool machine from the future? I’m sure it’s fun to use – you’re throwing a ball and everything, but. Will this work your abs better than a normal crunch?

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Taking shortcuts

Are you one of those who are constantly looking for shortcuts? Let me give you some examples.

  • You’re one of those looking for a parking space so close to the entrance as possible.
  • You buy fast food because you do not believe you cope, or have time, to make real food.
  • You’re speeding to get home to your favorite television shows. Preferably lying on the couch with something unhealthy to eat. Maybe the fast food you bought earlier.
  • You eat a pizza, because you practiced earlier in the day. Ideally, you take home delivery.

Do any of the above examples apply to you, it’s time to think about your lifestyle.

Instead of looking for a parking space, park a distance away. You will not get your car bumped. You avoid the stress of other car drivers who want your place. The best part is that you get free exercise. Instead of viewing the carrying of shopping bags as something hard, see it as a free workout.

How long does it take you to go to a fast food vendor and order your food, and then come home? Probably not longer than it takes to stay at home and make a proper meal with healthy ingredients. Fast food is just another word for being lazy.

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