Motivation is the basis for many decisions you make in life. You may choose to download this app to get the motivation to exercise? Or buy new shoes to get your running started.In any case, the motivation and objectives are essential to get a continuous exercise. Without these, you will stop your training and return to your sedentary lifestyle. 

You must first ask yourself why you want to train. Is it to lose weight? Feel better physically? Building muscle? Touch up your confidence? Look good on the beach? Only you can answer this question, but for whatever reason, you know that it is good for you to workout, right?

Unfortunately it is not enough for most people to train for the sake of it – it is good for you. Most people have come to a crossroad in life where they are almost forced to start training.

Once you find your motivation, you need to stick with it. Focus on what you want every time you hesitate. It is usually enough as motivation. If it does not work, think about what happens if you do not exercise. Will you become leaner, stronger and have good health? If your answer is “no” you know what to do.

Don’t have time, you say? Well, if you have 15 minutes to watch Tv, surfing the web or read a magazine you sure got time to do a 15 minute workout.

Time is infinite. You can do whatever you want with your time. It’s all about what you prioritize – is it a tv-show or your health?



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