Things take time.

So you want to gain muscles or lose some weight. Ever tried a diet that promises fast results and then discover that it’s even faster to gain the weight you lost, plus a little extra? I bet the diet was expensive to. Or maybe you tried the super machine that transforms your body to a package of muscles, just by using it five minutes a day in front of the TV.

A simple rule when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscles is that it takes time – a lot of time. It requires you to work hard week after week. Not some workout here and a diet there. You may reach your goal fast, but to stay there is harder. Keeping your weight or gaining your muscles is a process, not an event. The process is never-ending. As soon as you end your process your muscles will go away or you will start gaining weight.

Hopefully you will discover the joy of working out and your process will go on like a charm.

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