The right equipment.

I hear many people say that they cant do this or that because the lack of a certain equipment. This also applies to their workout. “I need this machine and that machine, and so on.” This is only one, of many other, excuses not to exercise.

The problem for this people is not the equipment, it’s the lack of motivation and, in some cases, knowledge.
In the basic 15 minutes program, for example, you will do fine with a rubber band. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s what you do with the equipment that counts, not the equipment itself. The equipment is usually a peace of metal. It can’t do anything without you.

So do you need fancy equipment to be able to do an excellent workout? Of course not. A cheap 40lbs dumbbell has the same weight as a expensive 40lbs dumbbell.

And finally, how about this cool machine from the future? I’m sure it’s fun to use – you’re throwing a ball and everything, but. Will this work your abs better than a normal crunch?

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