I visited the hospital for a couple of days. During this time I noticed that almost all the doctors/white coats used the stairs. In contrast almost all the visitors used the elevator, even just for one floor.

Is this because hospital personal know about the benefits of physical activity or is because the visitors are lazy? I know I’m not lazy, that’s way I took the stairs, but what about all the other young and healthy people? What do you think?

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Midlife overweight and obesity increase late-life dementia risk.

So, if your still overweight and still has not found any good reason to lose some fat maybe this will help.

Previous research has shown that weight loss and good nutrition and exercise habits in middle age reduces risk of dementia later in life. Now, a study by Weili Xu andcolleagues at the Karolinska Institute to increase support for this.

The researchers analyzed data from 8534 twins aged 65 and older in the Swedish TwinRegistry.

350 were diagnosed with dementia and 114 with probable dementia. 2451 of the subjects had been overweight or obese in middle age, according to data from the file.

Our results indicate that those who were overweight or obese was 80 percent higher risk than normal weight to develop dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or vascular dementia during life.

The results persisted when the researchers took into account factors such as education,diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

According to the Daily News has an obese 50-year-old who is expected to live for another 40 years 30 per cent risk of later becoming demented.”

If I was overweight that information shure would get me running, or anything that would lose some weight. And do it a.s.a.p before you forget 🙂

The quote comes from http://www.dagensmedicin.se/nyheter/2011/05/03/overvikt-okade-risk-for-de/index.xml and was translated to English using google translate.

The full article at http://www.neurology.org/

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Chair dancing.

I’ve never seen this type of workout before, and I must admit that I laughed at first.
But, come on. It may look stupid and silly, but it’s great for those who has trouble standing, like old, sick and disable people. Hey, and don’t forget the fat people. It’s great!

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Kid E Fit

It’s been some fuzz in the news lately about the Kid-E-Fit. According to the European newspapers the experts are in anger, saying that weight lifting is dangerous for children under 15-16 years of age. Unfortunately the newspapers has missed to interview all the other experts that claim that it’s not dangerous at all to lifting weights at young age.

Personally I’m not keen of anything that tries to take away the child in a child. But, it can be just as fun working out and lifting weights as playing football or do gymnastics. The danger lies not in the activity itself, it lies in the adults attitude towards the activity.

So, if your child want you to buy the Kid E Fit bench press – just do it. But don’t buy the bench press because you want your kid to get fit and kick everybody else’s kids ass.

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I know this is what you all have waited for. Horsebic is here to shape up your floppy legs and loose bum. If being a horse is what you need to do your workout then go for it.

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Inspiration or….

Still overweight, in bad health, or just a lazy person? Well, do something about it.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s about creating yourself.”
– George Bernard Shaw

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Workout motivation.

Is this you? Just do it, you very lazy dog.

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